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I wanted to share a couple of my beauty favorites lately! It’s been a long time since I posted anything on my beauty section of the blog!

When I found out Kristin Ess was releasing a hair product line that would ONLY be available in the USA I had such major FOMO. I had to wait until we flew home this past August to actually get my hands on some of it, and naturally I hoarded it all back to Australia with me. It’s SO affordable for how amazing the quality is. The Kristin Ess Shampoo is a game changer people! It leaves my hair smelling so good that someone in a night club a few weekends ago was like “Your head smells amazing?!!”. That’s not a joke and I sort of wish it was because it’s super weird, but I had to tell someone. It leaves my hair feeling SO clean, fresh and soft every time. I use the conditioner as well, but just on my ends. My hair tends to get really oily if I use even the tiniest amount of conditioner on my root.


I’ve also been loving the Kristin Ess Thickening Spray (thin-haired girls, you need to get this!) It is a thickening spray that doesn’t feel “sticky” after your blow dry…if that makes sense. I also spray a tiny bit of the Living Proof Full Root Lift towards the crown of my head for some extra volume at the roots. The Texture Mist is also great for lazy hair days. With this spray, you can spray it on your damp hair and let it air dry, and it is perfect for hot summer beach days!

From Left to Right: Kristin Ess Thickening Spray, Living Proof Full Root Lift, Instant Texture Mist, Kristin Ess Loose Styling Powder

I’m actually not quite sure how this Kristin Ess Loose Styling Powder is made, but I’m pretty sure it has something to do with fairy dust and a higher power. This stuff is so cool!! It’s a small bottle of a powder that you lightly sprinkle onto your braids or any sort of twisted hair-do. Once you have sprinkled it on, you lightly tap it onto your braid and it gives the hair “grab”. It’s not sticky either, it just makes everything stay in place!? It’s magic! It’s perfect for braids you want to pull-through or make really big statements, and it ensures that placement of all the hair. The hairstyle I use it for most is below!


One of my New Year’s Resolutions this past year was to try and take better care of my skin, mainly my face. I have never had a facial anywhere, or even done a face mask before this year. Living in one of the most skin-concious countries and as I get older I know I need to make a better effort. My skin has never been too bad, and I think that is why I never felt the need.

I had seen this product advertised so many times; on Instagram, Facebook and other social media. I even heard celebrities talk about it. I was soooo skeptical when purchasing this but I honestly couldn’t wait any longer. (The Facebook ads peer-pressured me into it! And I mean, check out the packaging!!!!!!) So I ordered it. When it came in the mail I used it the same day and was blown away!


I figured if I had to pay $20+ dollars for the shipping I might as well just go all out and get the full 4pc. kit! It does also come as just a set of 1 if you want to try just a single one. The Hanacure facial is something I’ve never experienced before. It actually kind of scared me the first time I did one.



It comes with a Lifting Serum that you mix with a Gel, which both start out as liquids and  form a gel when combined. You then use the brush they provide to basically paint this solution all around your face, neck and the backs of your hands (avoiding your eyes and mouth). Once it is on, it starts to stretch and harden on your face. You cannot move. This is when I sort of had a panic attack the first time I did it because I had never felt anything like this!



Okay so do you understand why I sort of freaked out? Look how strange it looks as it works on your face. It mentions on the box that it is all Dermatologist tested peptides and botanicals work with Purifying Compound to calm, brighten, and help fight the signs of aging.


After it has been working on your face for about 40 minutes, you wash it off with warm water and pat dry with a towel. Sometimes my face is more red after, but that is because the peptides are working to help your skin regeneration. It calms down in about an hour or so after I’ve washed it off.


I’m always left feeling like I’m GLOWWWWING!!! I love these. Honestly each set can be used on 2 people, I usually have some leftover after I do my entire face and neck. So happy I just went for it and it turned out to be a great product!!

I’ve linked their website here for anyone with questions:

The Hanacure Anti-aging, clarifying, lifting, firming, brightening, pore tightening, and evens skin tone! 

Merry Christmas everyone! We are not doing a Christmas card because I feel like it’s a ripoff for me to pay $4 a stamp to send to everyone…SORRY! We still love you all!!!!


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  1. Elsa Simcik says:

    Love the post and love the hairstyle!!

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  2. Mom says:

    Great post lil kates. You should write for a fashion magazine.! Your gonna like your christmas present!! Love you!!

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  3. Mike Brownstein says:

    I think that your beauty tips are very well done. But I was thinking may be Robbie can do a Blog for men. You know that I need any and all Help.

    Get Outlook for Android


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