one year


We went to the beach a couple of weeks right before our ONE YEAR anniversary here in Australia and also our first visit back to the USA. It’s never too cold for the beach right?! We seriously can’t believe this is going so fast. We only have 12 more months left here (YIKES) and I hope we can get to see all the things we still have left on our bucket list. We still would love to see Tasmania, New Zealand, WA, possibly the outback and definitely the Reef again when our friends/my sister visit in February. We might try and go up to Japan on our way home as well! We shall see.

Visiting home was bittersweet. Lots of tears and lots of laughter. I never knew how fast those two weeks were going to go! I seriously feel so guilty for not seeing everyone but it’s just not possible. We knew Robbie’s Grandma was not in great health right before we visited home, but we didn’t expect her to pass away while we were there. It was really, really special that we got to visit her in the hospital the last few days. She was the most generous, beautiful, and adorable person I’ve ever met. Our family was extremely close with her so it was really hard saying goodbye to such an amazing person. Lots of plans were cancelled and switched around because of the funeral and what not, but we were honestly so happy we all got to be together during such a hard time, and that’s what Grandma would’ve wanted as well.

We’re hoping to be back in Pittsburgh when we get moved home in a year but honestly with Aldi there’s no way of telling what will happen. It’s always all up in the air. We could be all the way in Cali or as close as Pitt. Regardless we are starting a fam when we get back! 🙂 Speaking of family, I logged onto Facebook today and seriously there were like 4 births! What a crazy time in life. So many weddings as well. I love how happy everyone seems, even though the world seems to be going to complete SH*T.

We’re packing up all our stuff this weekend and moving to the suburbs in Brunswick just to experience a new area for the last half of our time here. I’m so excited to have an actual house! We’ve always just lived in apartments. I’ll definitely be posting pictures once we get everything together!





Here’s to One Year.

We love you Grandma Haus! 





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  1. Joan says:

    Can’t wait to be a great grandma! So great being with you ehen you werehome.

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