6 months

Because I thought you all don’t really deserve my beautiful photos as much as you get them (I actually just don’t have any good photos lately) here’s my 6 month recap of being abroad and other random thoughts.

It’s been so fun and life changing. I’m sure my social media reflects just that – the positive, exciting changes and events. Because why would I post that I dropped a gigantic pot of chili on the new carpet (remember that episode from the Office LOL). But seriously – so many funny and interesting differences, and we obviously have our bad moments as well.

The shopping carts – all four wheels turn. So when you need to turn around the end of the aisle, its super awkward because you are positioning your body so the entire thing doesn’t slam into someone.

College – students go to college, graduate, and they don’t pay back their loans until they actually make enough money with a stable job. Interest free.

The money – you can wash, swim, pretty much do anything with the money because it honestly looks and feels like plastic-y monopoly money! They have 2$ and 1$ coins too so it makes your pockets super heavy! They also round everything to the nearest 5 because there are no pennies!

The slang – this is one that really gets me. They use such quirky funny words to describe things. Instead of saying “How are you?”, they’ll say ” How you going!?”. They also pronounce the letter “H” like “HATCH” and “Z” as ZEDD. When they are giving their phone number, they say “4, double 3, 546…” using ‘double’ always confuses me. When you say “Thanks” they’ll say “That’s okay!”. And yes, I’m picking up hardcore on all of these because of work now – haha!

It is extremely expensive and difficult to own a home, and it is getting worse.

They don’t really know what Amazon.com is and when they do I’d love to see all their smiling faces. Miss you Amazon! I think it’s getting released here sometime in the next year.

They really use Sunday night as another party night of the weekend.

The payments – when you use your debit card – it’s so quick because most places you just tap your chip on the machine and that’s it! Makes getting a quick bottle of water or coffee SO EASY and FAST.

The orientation – stay on the left. On the sidewalk, on the road and on your bike trail.

The clothes – wear whatever you want, whenever you want.

Australians just have such a different lifestyle and it is so refreshing. I’ve spoken to so many girls at work and they are just blown away by the fact that I haven’t traveled really at all outside of the country until now. In almost all other countries they get 4-6 weeks for holidays. In the US you are LUCKY if you get 2 fully paid weeks. Then you work 5-10 years to get more. I told them that we don’t have the time to take 3 week holidays, and that is what the norm is here for them!

It’s been great having such amazing technology like social networks as a tool to keep in touch with all my family, friends and colleagues from home. But it also sucks. There are certain people I wish paid more attention to me. How pathetic does that even sound? It’s true. I want them to ask how I’m doing. I have a lot of free time on days that I don’t work, so it leaves me thinking and wanting to know what’s going on at home! And I know what you’re all thinking – get a hobby. I don’t have any. My hobby is Robbie, staring at pictures of English Bulldog puppies on instagram, and cooking. Hopefully next year it’ll be baby Robbie! Yeah, I just said that.

I’ve been trying to stay in touch with everyone. I think it’s really important to me that I don’t leave anyone out. Not so I can just say I talk to them, but because I really do care. I mean, these days its not really that hard to get OUT of touch unless you’re that jerk that never checks their phone…and that’s not a thing anymore. There’s been an instance or two where I haven’t gotten a response back after just a simple “Hey What’s up?! How are you?” message has been sent. There’s no reason to not respond to texts, emails, Facebook messages…RIGHT?! Unless you are ignoring them and do not want to. At least that is what my psychotic, lonely, pathetic conscious is telling me. It’s also telling me – I must’ve done something. I’ve been wondering about this for a couple months now. What did I do to this person? What if we run into this person that’s been ignoring me on the internet when we visit home and things are super awkward? What have I done to deserve such an act? Well I’ve tried to send them messages, thought about why, slept on it, debated about it, drunkenly cried about it, and I finally have come to the conclusion that I just can’t care anymore. I’ve reached out multiple times. I guess I’d be a little more okay with the situation if I knew what triggered this, but it was of the blue. I honestly & probably didn’t do anything. It sucks. It really, really sucks that out of all the great memories, times and fun had, you can’t keep every single friend you’ve made. Realizing your friends you made in different stages of life are ready to move on from you SUCKS. And you can try as hard as you want to, and seem like a psycho path, but if they aren’t giving the other 50% back, you will still end up with nothing. There’s so many distractions, and as Americans we really work our asses off to no end and honestly – to exhaustion. But working and being busy isn’t enough of an excuse for me. I just have to live with the fact that they don’t want to interact with me anymore. And it’s really difficult. I hold this person’s relationship very valuable, so it makes me feel like a failure that it isn’t working anymore. Sometimes it’s okay to tell yourself that you don’t need to be as close with everyone as you should be. Even if it’s family. I read a great book on how life throws those curveballs and you have to choose what curveball to dodge and which to give a sh*t about. And no, this is not a “cry for help” hoping this person reads this. I just think my knowledge and insight is actually well thought out for once so…here it is if anyone actually reads this.

A customer called me “the lady” the other day and wanted to whack him. I really am proud of the woman I am becoming. Yeah, I said it. I’m a woman now. But please for the love of God don’t refer to me as a lady.  I’m changing and developing into a better person. I’m reading more. I’m working out more. I’m cooking amazing things like a cute housewife should be. I’m drinking less. I’m worrying less.

Australia has been so good for me. Good for Us.


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  1. Awe! KT! I’m so glad we have stayed in touch!!! Please don’t bring any of those shopping carts home! Lol

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