Finally made it to Sydney!!! Sydney was where we were supposed to get placed at first, but then at the last minute they notified us that we would be going to Melb instead!

We drove to Sydney. We will never drive to Sydney again.

We ended up stopping about halfway in the Australian Capital which is Canberra. Got a hotel and stayed one night. We had some wine and went ice-skating because the hotel was across the street from a rink and Robbie loves iceskating (used to play ice hockey!). Pretty much just ate and slept and woke up to drive the rest of the way.

The first day we got there the weather was really bad; cold, windy, and so rainy. We sort of just chilled and walked around…our Airbnb was like a 2 minute walk to everything right in the heart of Bondi. Sydney/Bondi has such a different feeling compared the Melb. It’s a lot more beachy, I could hear a lot more American accents, and it is more of the “Australian impression” I was expecting when we first moved here.

Friday night we had reservations at Quay Restaurant! This was absolutely unbelievable.

This food. I can’t.

This restaurant is voted one of the top in Australia and top 50 in the world. Our close friends got us a voucher for this place as our wedding present! It was such a good evening.


I cried earlier that day because we were walking around the harbor and realized that this HUGE cruise ship was blocking the entire view at the restaurant…sounds dramatic but whatever. I’ve been planning this trip for so long and the main reason we came was for this dinner! We ended up having a really good view of the harbor bridge.

The opera house wasn’t that great? It looks really good in other pictures but we both looked at each other and we were like “um ok is this it?” Haha! It was a bit dreary for part of the day so maybe that’s why?IMG_5412


IMG_5421 copy

We also checked another MAJOR thing off my Bucket List: BONDI ICEBERGS! The most amazing looking swimming pool ever. The water was literally freezing, the waves were overwhelmingly huge. This is a must do – it only costs $6.50 to get in.


Untitled 3Untitled4



The last sunny day we ended up booking Surfing Lessons! I was so extremely nervous because I always watch Bondi Rescue so I thought I was going to get swept away or eaten by   a shark! Obviously that didn’t happen. It was surprisingly easy, we had really long foam surfboards that made it really easy to learn how to paddle, stand up and steer. I would totally do this again, it was amazing! It was so insanely hard to actually get out to where you needed to stand to catch waves. The rip tide that day was crazy so our instructor had to hold onto me and just make sure I didn’t drift while trying to stand. Robbie was so much better than me!

There are so many good surfers, so it was so entertaining to watch the guys way out in the water get some really huge waves. Robbie turned to me the one day and was like “Why are surfers ALWAYS running?” And I was like..omg that is so true! LOL. He noticed his wedding ring got all beat up somehow during surfing and I got all upset…but then I was like well at least these dents and scratches are such good memories for us!

Before we got on the road the last day we walked to a small surfer cafe and it was so awesome inside. They had a full surf shop and so many little surfers kept coming in with bleach blonde hair. They all ordered acai bowls (so did I, obviously, because I’m a surfer now) and all skated away on their skate boards. Like what an awesome lifestyle! So adorable.

IMG_5557 copy




I also made a video with our new GoPro from Sydney so click below if you haven’t seen it! I’m obsessed with our GoPro.



Don’t think we’ll ever be able to top this for a 1 year anniversary trip! Thanks for reading! Xoxo!  


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  1. Mom says:

    Super cool Lil kates!!

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  2. Joan says:

    Were there any jelly fish in the ocean? I know how much you like them!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No jellyfish-thank goodness!


  3. Joan says:

    You are living a dream life. Never could imagine doing all that you do when we were your age. Our main objective was to pay the bills.! Haha.

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