We’ve had a fun couple of weeks. We did the Melbourne Cup – which was the fanciest race with most insane fashion I’ve ever seen! We also did a Halloween night (Aus doesn’t really get into Halloween like the USA does) and went to a theme park that was having a haunted night.

SO CUTE?! Amiiiiright?

Aaaand then this weekend we took another small road trip that wasn’t long enough! It’s pretty awesome that this place is only a little over an hour away from our apartment and it feels like we are in a completely different state. It was great to get away from the crowded and crazy city life and just have a relaxing trip to explore more of the area. We headed just south of us and hopped on the Mornington Peninsula. It folds around the Port Phillip Bay which is our main body of water here in Melb. Here…I have a picture because I am just that helpful. Put it on my grave “Professional Screen Shotter”.


We started at a wooded area that allowed a view of the beautiful end result of the boardwalk path. This was all at our first stop – Cape Schanck.



Once you found the boardwalk, you met a perfect view of the lighthouse on the way down to the two beaches that are seperated by huge rock pools and landscape. At the two beaches, you could actually get off the boardwalk and hang out…too rocky to relax but so photogenic! It was like the contrast of two different planets. The one side of the beach had a myriad of perfectly smooth pebbles, and the other was like a volcanic rock party. HUGE waves splashed up onto the rocks every couple of seconds. Being at a national park, it’s not too common to be allowed off the designated path and experience the beaches you see. So, it made it more exciting to go down and actually experience what we saw from so high up.



IMG_0845 copy.jpg









When I planned the places we were going to stop on this trip, I did not expect it to be this fun and have this much to do. Honestly, the main thing I was finding pictures of online when researching, were of the resort and lighthouse.

After Schanck we headed to the small town of Rye where we had a lunch on the sidewalk and walked across the street to the beach. This beach was on the bay side facing Melb so it was very calm waters. The beach was unpopular with crystal clear water. So Gorgeous! There were so many adorable sea shells. Some were seriously microscopic.






We then headed over to explore the opposite side of the peninsula which is the Bass Strait. Sharks, seals, penguins and all kinds of wildlife are found in these waters. A lot of whale watching signs were on our way to the beach, but whales tend to migrate more towards the winter time.




Everything is just so pretty here. I don’t know if I could go one day without my camera strapped to my body-haha. The seagulls are seriously psychotic, like even more than any boardwalk you’ve been to. They can see from far away if you even lift you finger or hand to you face, and they think you have food and start stalking you.

I think you can sort of tell by these pictures how unpredictable the weather can be in this area. We were here all day and it looks like we flew across the country to a tropical beach and then back to somewhere like Iceland-haha! One of the things I’ve learned about living here is to always wear or bring layers of clothing. All in one day, we usually experience more than 2 seasons! Melbourne, we still love you, but you are one crazy unpredictable biotch! And like all of our other trips have been, this was NOT nearly long enough. I could spend days here just sitting and looking at the nature and seascapes. It is incredible. Who would’ve thought this beautiful little town was just an hour from us! So excited to go back and just enjoy long days at the beach here.

I was so homesick the other day, not in the way that I wanted to go home…but because I’m loving it here and I just want to pack everyone of my family and friends up and bring them here and show them everything we are experiencing. Thanks for reading guys I miss everyone a lot! So excited for our trip we are planning this week with friends 😉


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  1. Joan Marcinko says:

    What a wonderful experience you are having. So happy for you. And when you come home, you will have it all in beautiful pictures.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jill C Summers says:

    Thank you for sharing these amazing experiences! Love living through your eyes! But yet so jealous and yearn to be there to experience in real life too! Miss you!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. rfmath says:

    Katie, you are doing a wonderful job allowing us into your life halfway around the world! You both seem so happy having fun exploring and living. Enjoy! Don’t worry, Sarah will eventually get Rob and Sue up to speed soon with all of your social media!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Mom says:

    That is seriously so beautiful. I had no clue Australia was like cool. LOVE you!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Katie, every place is so beautiful. Just the kind of places I love. I would love to come visit but I think my kids feel I am to old to fly that far. At least, I felt Jim thought so but never fear I will run it past them again.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Sarah says:

    Love this! These pictures are absolutely stunning. The only thing missing is a redhead in the frame… Miss you guys!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Kelly LPT says:

    If I had some money saved up and obviously able to walk (4-6 weeks and counting, I get my official cast tomorrow) I’d totally hop on a plane to come check the down under out with you. Absolutely love all of the gorgeous pictures you take and post, even some of the snap chats though the old grandpa has to go lol. Miss you and glad you’re enjoying life there.

    Liked by 1 person

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