my favorite makeup brushes

In the past few years I’ve had an obsession with makeup. It all started when I YouTubed a makeup tutorial. Which lead me to other tutorials, and product websites, and ULTA, and Sephora…we all do it. The tutorials I started to find were so extremely helpful and I realized a lot of the keys to success were the brushes they were using. I feel like I’ve finally mastered a couple of staple makeup looks. I told a friend I was doing a post about makeup and her was response was a huge compliment to me. She told me she felt like I barely wear any makeup. I know my makeup is light, but I do spend quite some time (when I have it) on the important parts, which gives a more natural look. I think I finally have a great morning makeup routine and it’s taken a lot of practice and time, but it’s honestly refreshing. No more guessing on colors and products can honestly feel great when you finally have it all figured out. Make up shopping can be stressful! Guys will never understand.

One thing in particular that a lot of makeup artists and cosmetologists say is that the brushes are the most important part of the application. And it’s so true. If you think about it, that’s the most important part of a painting. Different stroke sizes, blending, and fine lines always make the BIGGEST difference. And besides, makeup is basically us painting our faces on every day, let’s be honest.

Below is a picture of my must-have brushes. I think I brought more makeup to Australia than I did clothes. I can’t go without all my brushes, and when our furniture arrives all the rest of my vanity junk will be here and I CAN’T WAIT TO SET IT UP IN MY OWN BATHROOM. The purple Real Techniques collection and the IT Cosmetics collection both came with a traveling cases that were so convenient with for big move.


One – Real Techniques Accent Brush – I use this to smudge eyeliner to create a more natural look, and sometimes to help line my lips.

Two – IT Cosmetics/ULTA Angled Liner Brush – I use this to apply my bottom eyeliner. (pic below)

Three – Real Techniques Crease Brush – This is perfect for applying eyeshadow and blending two colors together.

Four – IT Cosmetics/ULTA – This brush is intended for eyes but I use it to define contour on the nose.

Five – Tarte Cosmetics Slenderizing Bamboo Contour Brush – So much fun to use for contouring, and its beautiful!

Six – Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush – I use this to apply the darker outer corner eye colors, as well as the eye crease colors.

Seven – IT Cosmetics/ULTA Powder Brush- This is my GO-TO foundation brush, whether it be for powder or liquid, it is so soft and blends so well.

Eight – Real Techniques Brow Brush – Again, I do not use this what it is intended for, I dip this in a dark eyeshadow color and use it to thicken my eyeliner if I want a dramatic look.

Nine – IT Cosmetics/ULTA Foundation Brush – I use this to contour.


The brushes will probably seem $$$ if you click the links, but to me they are worth it. A lot of the brushes say what their intended use is too. As you can see, I use them for what works best for me. They are so versatile, so just because it says shadow doesn’t mean you have to use it for that. It’s all about what works best on your face. You will honestly have the brushes forever and they are surprisingly easy to clean. A good friend of mine just told me today that the brushes with the two-toned bristles are intended for wet and dry makeup application, which is also a plus. See- saving us money!


If you really don’t know what you’re doing and your a total newbie like I was, YouTube some tutorials. That’s honestly how I learned everything about makeup application. There’s a ton of great content for people of all skin tones, face shapes, etc. I don’t know where I’d be today without YouTube. Two of my favorite boss makeup ladies on YouTube are Kate from the SmallThingsBlog and Stephanie Lange. Stephanie did a tutorial on hooded eyes (which I happen to have and NO ONE else that I know has), and she also did a gorgeous bridal makeup tutorial, which I used for my wedding!


TIP: One of the most important things I learned that has drastically changed my makeup look is the use of the fine-tip IT Cosmetics brush I use to apply eyeliner on the lower lash line. Never, EVER, EVER apply your eyeliner on your inner-rim waterline. It drags your eyes downward, and that is a huge no. If your putting anything on your waterline, you can get a inner-rim waterline pencil that Tarte makes to open your eyes MORE. I’ve been eyeing it up for a while.

What might be a small insignificant difference to your routine, will be such a huge difference to your appearance. Who knew there are so many different brushes for makeup. It honestly is such a fun and personalized art form. I obviously am not a professional. I’m just a wannabe professional!


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  1. Mom says:

    So I shouldn’t use the mascara I bought with a coupon and on sale at Rite Aid or the eye liner stick yhat I SERIOUSLY have had since you were an infant? I have two brushes that I got free with a perfume purchase. ….that won’t work? LOLOLOLOL….#imurmom

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  2. G'maM says:

    You are so talented and YOUNG! I’m thinking of not using any make up at all, but then I’m OLD ! Great advice for your friends and cousins.

    Liked by 1 person

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