It is one of the best ways to describe Australia. The landscapes, the animals, and the people. Everything is so diverse and beautiful. Still in awe…just the overall feeling of this country is so exciting and positive (which is refreshing coming from election time in the USA!). We’re loving it here.


This weekend I planned a day-trip to the island just South-East (The name of the next Kardashian child) of us, called Phillip Island. One of the main things I’ve been dying to see are the surfers and the actual ocean ocean, not just the bay. This was a great escape from the city life and it was almost free, can’t wait to go back!

google map

Surfing here is so much better because you aren’t surfing inside the Port Phillip Bay. The island is recognized as having some of the most consistently reliable and varied surf conditions in the country. It has hosted surf events, such as the Rip Curl Pro in 2005 & Roxy Pro Women’s Surfing Festival. I loved watching, like how cool would it be to be a surfer?!

So much to do on this little island. You can take a 2-hour cruise and go seal watching, and check out over 10,000 seals (obvi can’t wait to go do this another weekend!). Robbie’s coworker went on the cruise a while back and saw a Great White Shark jump out of the water and eat a seal!!! Can you imagine witnessing that. They also have the Penguin Parade, Koala Reserve…you could spend a couple days here and not run out of activities.


IMG_0524 copy.jpg

IMG_0563 copy.jpg




We went to a Wildlife Park for the beginning of the day. Spent about 3.5 hours there, and for $18 that’s a great deal! So many animals up close, and it was an interactive wildlife park so all the animals were tame and just trucked around the 60 acre park. It was SO worth it. We got to feed all kinds of Aussie Animals, some that I have never even seen or heard of.

That huge fabulous-looking bird is a Cassowary. If this bird was a movie star, it would be Meryl Streep in Devil Wears Prada. The only bird heavier is the ostrich. It’s middle nail grows 4″ long and apparently it has killed people with it.

I was shocked at how many kangaroos had babies in their pouches, it was so adorable! On some of the moms you could see a little leg or tail just hanging out of their pouch, so funny. The gray kangaroos were very intimidating at first because they are bigger and knew that we had food. I got cornered by a couple and Robbie was laughing because I was so nervous. If you haven’t already, Google Buff Kangaroos, and then you’ll understand why I was a little nervous.

We ended the day exploring The Nobbies. Home to Australia’s largest Australian Fur Seal colony. We didn’t take the seal cruise because we were losing daylight but I think we will probably go back because I’m sure it’s awesome.

IMG_0566 copy.jpg




My brother is visiting in January so we can’t wait to show him around and explore more! Thanks for reading guys –hope this made your depressing Monday a little bit better!


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