3 worth-it hair products

*insert Fifth Harmony – Give It To Me, I’m Worth It*

A lot of the time, I’ll see a product online or on instagram and think I NEED it, and I usually end up talking myself out of it because it’s too expensive – which is actually the majority of the time. “What if I hate it and spend all this money?!” But, I wanted to show you guys a couple of the hair products I use on the regular, and don’t mind spending the money on.


My hair needs a lot of work when I want a voluptuous look. Because I have such thin hair, The Full Thickening Cream is amazing for me. It also does exactly what it says. It gives me double the volume, and you can buy it in two sizes (back to the $$ part, and if you just want to try it out!).

The LivingProof line is on the more expensive side, but if you don’t like to use product in your hair every single day and like to spread out the days you style it, it’s definitely worth it. (I still spell definitely wrong every, single, time). They are quickly expanding their amazing line of products and I can’t wait to try their new Dry Volume Blast. I trust them when it comes to the healthy side of hair because they explain the entire SCIENCE on their website. They sent me a couple samples of the Full Shampoo/Conditioner they sell and they helped with the fullness, but they are a bit on the expensive side for me.

Not pictured here is my favorite all-time Dry Shampoo by LivingProof but they unfortunately do not sell it here in Australia (that I know of). I was able to bring my favorite Split End Mender and Full Thickening Cream along in my luggage. I use both when curling my hair because the Split End Mender does exactly what it says. It gives you a fresh-cut look every time you use it. You can choose to apply it with wet or dry hair!

Another product that works wonders and is worth the purchase is Amika Texture Spray. I love how this product instantly gives you lift, massive amounts of texture, and it’ll make you smell like a vacation! I used a ton of this when I did my wedding up-do. It’ll really help your bobby pins stay in place and they won’t slide out and it somehow has  sticky-dry-like texture. Hard to explain. But I HIGHLY recommend any type of texture spray or powder for up-do’s!

When I’m not using such volume-based products, I find myself CONSTANTLY trying to shake-up my hair so it doesn’t make me look like a drowned rat.


There’s never really any point of me trying to make my hair look perfected all the time, because it doesn’t hold a curl that well and I honestly love un-done looks so much more than pristine-perfected looks. I feel like when I see an up-do or beach waves, the messier, the better.  And that is usually the look I try to go for.

The hair spray part isn’t huge to me because it tends to weigh your hair down, so try to go for something that will keep your volume intact. I was using Dove’s light hairspray for a while and loved how light it was, but it wasn’t enough of a hold. Kenra has an awesome line of different hold levels you can check out. And even if you do have a heavy spray, just give your hair a quick mist of that and shake it out!

On the left are pictures of my not using any product, and on the right I used the Full Thickening Cream & Split End Mender on my hair before I dried it. And I curled it with a 1.5″ wand and used the Texture Spray afterwards.





I love both looks, it just depends on the day or where I’m going, but you can tell using product(s) helps SO drastically. They really help hold my curls, and I need all the help I can get.

Don’t get me wrong, probably 50% of the time I go with the left look, but if we’re going on a dinner date, out with friends, etc. I put in the extra effort. The before look is perfect for a laid back Sunday or hanging around your home, or makes a great beach wave look. When you do go out, you want something that looks a little bit more put together.

Comment below and let me know if this was helpful and I’ll follow up with a post (or maybe a video?) of how to curl your hair with a curling wand that I LOVE. A bunch of girls have complimented and asked how I curl/style my messy waves so I wanted to do a post about it to share some of my tips.


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  1. jess says:

    you could say, this is living proof how far some product can go, AMIRITE? #HOTAF

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